Minecraft Todos

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General Ideas and Suggestions

  • Auto replanter for farming on the server (an enchantment for hoes to replant automatically after harvest)
  • Troll Items for the staffing team could include a curated menu featuring items such as a stick, which, when clicked on a player, temporarily inverts their body upside down, or the knockback fish, among others.
  • Introduce a rank as a punishment for misbehavior on the server. I would name this rank 'Umpf.' Additionally, on the new main hub, provide an explanation for why the Umpf rank has been assigned.
  • To open double doors with a single click, for example, when a player build a double door, clicking on it would automatically open both doors simultaneously, not just one.
  • Revise the appearance of Mystery Boxes. Implementing a costume model could be a great idea.
  • I think having a health bar display above mobs would be quite nice, along with the ability to see how much damage one is dealing to them, if possible.
  • When we create the new world, I propose giving an 'OG' rank to all players who have been playing on the old world as a token of appreciation for their long-term dedication.
  • User warps, so that users can place certain warp points (particle, model, whatever). Has to be carefully considered so it does not conflict with warp commands.
  • Suggest an improvement for land warps, so they are easier to find within the lands menu or even on the spawn on click somewhere.
  • Adding an optional scoreboard to the right with some main information like balance, land, ranks etc. and so on for Survival and Citybuild (make it possible to toggle it on or of).
  • Add a Job plugin to make money and possibly remove the current lame quest plugin instead.
  • You could use a structure that is like the old temple from the ps4 edition of the minigames who is very cool to see what it looks like and greetings from Zeragos (for the survival world generation)

Pending Todos and Tasks

  • Complete the Survival Hub design, incorporating emojis to indicate key features such as a 'wild portal' with the word 'Hub' and a downward arrow for the players that they know were they need to go.
  • Equip all our current menus with our in-game emojis as items instead of using red glass panes, etc.
  • Could you please upload the costume end to the test server for testing purposes and also check if there are any updates regarding world generation in that theme?
  • Deactivate the function that Campfires spawn not burning and revert to default (IA)
  • Adjust the limits of how many ChestShops players and certain ranks can have, increase the default value.
  • Increase the sign limit for Insights per chunk, the current limit is too small (currently certain tile entities are limited per chunk, increase certain limits in general).
  • Mysterious artifact resulting armor and sword must be more powerful then Netherite gear, also other custom tools must be updated to be more weighted – suggestions for their values are more then welcome. Just open a discussion for it on this page's discussion section, thanks.
  • Hammer should drop more items when used for mining, also mending on them should work, right now they just drop the a small amount of mined blocks.
  • Replace the current vending machine with better models and actual usable goods and possibly make them upgradeable – suggestions for vending machine content and costs are more then welcome. Just open a discussion for it on this page's discussion section, thanks.
  • Invent new recipes for yet otherwise unused gems and items, like gold coin or certain ores– suggestions for new recipes are more then welcome. Just open a discussion for it on this page's discussion section, thanks.
  • Increase the speed effect's duration (time) for coffee and possibly other caffeine containing drinks like coke.
  • Expand the ofunny world plugin to prevent the vanilla behavior that tamed sitting animals like wolfs have a little chance to teleport to a player far away if the given player gets attacked. This is vanilla behavior but can be prevented via plugin, allow to toggle a never teleport tanned animal function for each player via command what then sets a permission that either cancels each animals teleport event when the certain players is the owner or not.
  • Combat tag logout should punish the player – the land claim plugin does only support killing players but offers an API for the combat tag, so I have to create an extension for the plugin to handle the punishment myself. Eventually assigning a permission if logged out while tagged and then doing certain things on next join in combination with the build in punishment.

Current Bugs and Glitches

  • Mysterious Sword blocked enchants not always working (Bedrock)
  • EndSword hitbox sometimes too big and damage too OP (fire)
  • Nether portals appear to be bugged. It won't tp to the nether world (the warp animation just continues without taking player to the nether)
  • Small and big pot placing issue – need more details from Bora what actually does not work with them.
  • Check the TreeFeller axe, it has been originally reported to be broken on all or certain trees by Bora
  • Quest plugin does not work right with all quest types, check and fix them all or remove it and replace it with something better like jobs.
  • Villagers seem to only get killed by Zombie Villagers instead of getting infected, check if there is a bug or config issue and if yes, fix it, originally reported by Bora
  • Bora reported bug with villagers related to the problem with tamed wolf teleporting away (see above), must be clarified why that affects villagers and other animals?
  • Untrusted players can open doors through pressure plates by dropping any item on the Survival server, this seems to work with any pressure plate. I went through land settings and there is no settings for non trusted players to drop items but you can stop them picking up items. Originally reported by Poisonsoup95

Content Addition Request

Specific requests for addition of new game content like certain items, tools, armor, furniture, mobs, packs, certain plugins (...) go here. Please always link the requested resource page (website, Discord, ...), resources what are not linked can not be found easily or not at all. Also make sure that the resources are either copyright free or that rights can be obtained in either way. Thank you!

Exploits and Security Risks

Must not be posted publicly, please use the Discord server https://dc.ofunny.tv instead to open a ticket or send a direct message directly to ofunny.

Thank you in advance!